Thursday, November 1, 2007

Best Friends

The other day I took Tyler, the little boy I nanny for, and his best friend Ann on a photo shoot. They both were extremely excited to do it, and (so I heard) kept asking their parents the whole week leading up to it "When are we going to take pictures together?" Let me just tell you. It was the cutest experience I've been through in a long time. As I was driving them to the place, (it was just us) I overheard Tyler say to Ann, "Ann, your my best friend and I love you!" Ann says it right back to Tyler....they are just ADORABLE together. Tyler loves this song that is playing in the background, so I thought I would make it for their post:) It's quite fitting I might add!


WhatiSee-Photography said...

How Cute!!! Brings joy just looking at them!

Alycia Groveman said...

These are great, Chavia! I love the first one...Ann is giving him such a big hug and Tyler's expression is like: "oh my, she's giving me a hug!" :-)

Mari said...

Chavia, you are a very talented photographer! These are such beautiful pics!!

Jean said...


Lydia said...

oh my gosh, they are so adorable. I
like the 2nd shot of Anne and the flower plus the shot of the leaves. really cool composition those two together.

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