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Redhead St Patrick's Day Shoot

This is a short and sweet shoot, inspired by St Patrick's Day. I wanted to capture photographs and portraits of people with red hair. Happy Day of the Irish!

 photo DSC_6097_zps2cc93f48.jpg
 photo DSC_6450_zpse8114887.jpg
 photo DSC_6106_zps4811dbe9.jpg
 photo DSC_6182_zpsaecd2dfd.jpg
 photo DSC_6332_zps6bce5779.jpg
 photo DSC_6214_zps80da0b88.jpg
 photo DSC_6265_zpsd8c3bff1.jpg
 photo DSC_6304_zpse495d11a.jpg
 photo DSC_6267_zps69a04f9a.jpg
 photo DSC_6361_zps785da8ef.jpg
 photo DSC_6451_zps9ea5bd4e.jpg
 photo DSC_6128_zps72766010.jpg
 photo DSC_6070_zpsdfde8006.jpg
 photo DSC_6532_zpse6cd7765.jpg
 photo DSC_6552_zps61fa3e01.jpg

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