Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cutest Pregnant Mom!

I went to Brookside Gardens to take maternity pictures of Evy and Marlin...and it was a blast hanging out with them! Here are a few of the shots...sorry it took me a while you guys! They were such good sports the whole time...we pretty much walked alll over Wheaton Park. Its not a surprise that it was no problem for Evy, she looks great for being 8 months along!


Anonymous said...

We had so much fun doing them Chav! They look awesome! I love the fall colors! Can't wait to see the whole lot of them! :)

Evy & Marlon

Laura said...

Oh so beautiful! Love them ;)

Alycia Groveman said...

Awww...great job, Chavia! :-)

Tessa Winn said...

very nice chavia! you know I just found your blog and not only do I love you pictures (well done dear), but your music selection is great. I love just keeping your blog open for all the music ;)

WhatiSee-Photography said...

Hey Chavia!Greatjob REALLY!!! LOVE THE COLORS!

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