Monday, November 26, 2007

Quinn-Center of Attention

Thanksgiving was so much fun this year, with my cute little nephew around to bring so much joy. The last picture is pretty much a picture of every day life in our family with Quinn, he really is the center of attention when we have family stuff:)


Seth and Janet said...

he is one of the cutest babies!

liana said...

Cute as cute can get=) Great family moments!

Kiernan said...

He is a cutie....No hair....he looks just like his dad ;-)

And that title picture is AMAZING!!!

Abe said...

my man! love that kid...great pics, as always Chavs!

Alycia Groveman said...

CUTEST little boy ever!! :-)

Jecholia said...

very good pics Chavia!!! Quinn is sooo adorable! I really want you to come take pics of bri, molly and myself!! maybe for our christmas card?

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