Sunday, October 19, 2008


We did this photo shoot in Washington DC! It is quite a challenge trying to get pictures without other people in them in touristy places, but it turned out working for our good!
 I had so much fun with you Britney, thanks for your heart for the Lord. This song that is playing in the background was a special request by Britney herself. I had no idea what song she was talking about when she told me the name, but after listening to the song, I think it very much reveals Britney's heart and love for the Lord. Thanks for the example you are, girl! 

I like this one, because of the people:) I like how they are looking up at the monument, oblivious of the photo shoot..
Pink, Britney actually thought of this photo :)


tessa winn said...

oh britt! you've captured her!
her joy.
her graciousness.
her forever long eyelashes!
love my dear friend so... and love the beautiful pictures you took chavia! well done ;)

liana said...

Nice job Chavs!!!LOVE the backgrounds and colors!!!

Kat said...
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Kat said...

hey chavs... just wanted to tell you that:

1) i read this blog. so thanks for keepin it up.
2) once again today i marvel at how good you are at what you do.

as the welsh say:

"you a'ight"? (ie. hey... what's up with you?)

Britt said...

THANK YOU Chavia! :) I had so much fun with you on Sat. evening! You are a WONDERFUL photographer with a sweet heart for the Lord.. I was so encouraged to hear how you wanted to use your gift to serve the church and missions in particular. My family will so love these pics:) ((sigh)) Thank you again... you're brilliant! :) p.s I love your

Sandra said...

These are wonderful, my dear!! Thanks for sharing your art with us!!

Nick said...

That's a great picture with the pink door! Did she bring a second scarf, or did you change the color?
either way, it looks awesome!

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