Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Hello everyone! My brother Abe and I are leaving for Uganda tomorrow night at 6. We will have a layover in London, and than will get to Uganda at around 11 on Saturday morning. We are going for a missions trip with a group of about 24 people. We will be helping the church, and ministering to the people out there. I would very much covet your prayers! Here are a few things you can pray for.

1. That the Lord would be glorified in everything we do!
2. The Gospel would be spread!
3. Self Control for me (I tend to laugh in circumstances that I shouldn't) and I also tend to be blunt, which usually isn't a good thing:)
4. Health and Safety for the whole team.
5. That I would be a servant and be completely others focused.

Thank you sooo much and when I get back I will post pictures for you all!:)


liana said...

Thank you for posting ways we can be praying for you while you are in Uganda! I will be praying for you and the team! Will miss you! And I cant wait to see the photos!!! Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chavia,
I will be praying for you while you are in Uganda. I hope God uses you in some incredible ways to accomplish things for His glory. I read your blog often, and love, love, love your pictures. You are a very amazing photographer!
~ Jean

Anonymous said...

praying for you you and respect you so much. Can't wait to hear all the stories when you get back. missing you already.

Jennifer Lightfoot said...

Hey girl!

(I'm a silent reader in Orlando but I'm not a weirdo - I know some of your sibs. :o)

I will be praying for you and can't wait to hear your stories - and see the pictures!!! My sis went to Namibia four years ago and it was life-changing for her. Is this your first missions trip?

Anonymous said...

Chavia, I'm going to miss you TONS but know I'll be praying for you guys alot! There's nothing like going halfway across the world to see how God is at work in other won't regret this decision one bit and I know God will use it to affect the rest of your life. Love you!!

Jose & Rebekah said...

Hey Chavia,
I'm praying for you guys! I know God will use you all to spread His gospel and you will all come away loving the Savior more. Can't wait to see the pictures!
Bekah Jimenez

Sarah Pasalich said...

Praying for you girly!

Miss you tons and look forward to hanging out when you get back to hear what the Lord did!

and when I say get together, I'm not kidding...

Love you!
Sarah P.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you all! I know you won't read this till you get back,but I can't wait to hear all that the Lord does as you're away. Love you and miss ya! Take lots of good picts please. And please, no laughing too hard. K? =)

Mel (aka. Troublemaker)

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