Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arlington National Cemetery

"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." Nathan Hale

"We have enjoyed so much freedom for so long that we are perhaps in danger of forgetting how much blood it cost to establish the Bill of Rights." Felix Frankfurter

Arlington Cemetery is such an awesome testimony to how many people have given up their lives for freedom. As you walk around the graves there are thousands upon thousands of gravestones for as far as your eyes can see.

My Mom's brother died when his jet crashed, he was an Air Force pilot. I never met my Uncle Stephen. He died before I was born. My Mom often talks about him, and what an amazing guy he was. We went to go find his gravestone, and it was a very sobering experience.

My boyfriend David Rivera fought over in Iraq and Afghanistan, and had many friends die in combat. This gravestone he was looking at was his lieutenant.

I am so grateful for the privilege it is to live in a country like America, and I often forget how much men and woman have sacrificed for our country and the freedoms we enjoy. Going to the cemetery was such a reminder that life is short, and very precious.


Alycia Irish said...

Great post, Chavia...and pictures!

megan said...

GReat pictures... great reminder.

sgrove21@gmail.com said...

Such a great post, and such a great reminder, especially coming up to Memorial Day...you should post more of your amazing pictures! Thanks for doing this! It is a wonder to see your creativity!

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