Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Homeschool? That was definitely not the first thing that was going through my Mom's head, when she first had us. As the years went on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and then of course the 7th child which was me, made our entrance into the world. Mom, being young and generally inexperienced with teaching (she would say...definitely not the case), decided that she was going to homeschool every single one of us, all the way through high school. All of us would say, without a doubt she was the hardest teacher we ever had. :)


I still remember those days, waking up at 5 in the morning to memorize Scripture, practice our hour of music, and then of course the breakfast table. I still remember Mom would read a passage of the Bible to us, and then share everything that she learned from that passage. My Mom has always had a way of bringing things in the Bible alive, and applying them in very real ways to every day life.


If you don't know my Mom and you are reading this blog, let me tell you about her. She is by far the most passionate about Jesus, faithful, diligent, loving, unselfish person you will ever meet. She sacrificed her whole life to raise us. She taught us about the most important thing in life. Mom, the best gift you have ever given me, is telling me that I am a sinner and need to be saved. Thank you for daily and consistently praying and speaking truth into our lives. You are a woman of prayer, and when you tell me you are praying for me, I know that you will.


My Mom is like a teenager still in many ways :) She dresses better than I do, she likes Hannah Montanna (how cool is that) she LOVES the gym and working out, she loves the outdoors, and she is an incredible writer! Here is her website if you want to see what I mean!


One of the most wonderful things about my Mom, is that after 30 + years of teaching, raising and instructing us, she decided to work full time at a center for severly autistic children. The heart she has for those kids is incredible. Many nights she will come home crying, and express to me how she hurts for them, and how she just wants them to experience a normal life.


Mom, I love you sooo much and I will never meet someone who has more faith and love for the Lord than you. Your heart for others and your complete lack of selfishness have always been an example to me. Thank you for loving me for 22 years, and investing your time into my life. Happy Mother's Day!

P.S. No family post would be complete without showing off my adorable nephew....



Sandra said...

Thank you so much, sweetie--you are too, too kind!!

Will and Alycia Irish said...

She's definitely the best Mom and a gift from the Lord. =) Nice pictures too...wish we could have been there!

Johannah said...

aw, what a sweet way to honor Mom! =) Very well-written and SO true. Love you Mom.

Abe said...

Agreed, good post, Chavs...

Mom, love you so much and am so grateful for your influence in each of our lives!!

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