Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Katherinne Sepulveda Barrera

I did a photo shoot with one of my good friends from work this afternoon. We met each other a couple years ago, through working together. She left for Chile, and we lost touch for a while and now that she is back its back to the good old times:) 

Katherinne, I so appreciate your friendship, and I know God had us be friends for a reason. I will miss you, when you go back to Chile, and I am praying you move back! ;)






Johannah said...

beautiful shots chavia as always =)

Sandra said...

I really like these and the ones with the little guys goggles--there is just something about little boys and goggles!! =))

kendra said...

her eyes are incredible... makes me want to throw up. Great job coffee!

liana said...

I really like this set of photos! Some of the best!!! LOVE the different angles!!!

nicole said...

I'm pretty sure that NO one should be allowed to be that beautiful. :)

great shots!

Ryley said...

Hey Chavia! These are gorgeous... KATHERINE is gorgeous.

I love and miss you so much and envy all of your talent.

You never cease to amaze me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for your comments about my Photos :):)..all i have to say is that Chavia is the one that does this incredible job.. that's why i love her!!..:) :) Love you Chavia!!...(K)(K)xD xD
you know what i meen... hehe!

Megan said...

These are great Chav. Fab job.
Hopefully I'll see you around this year. We will be in gaithersburg for the PC.

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