Sunday, April 6, 2008

Joe and Julie

I got to shoot Joe and Julie's wedding with my brother today. It turned out to be a dreary day, but the cloudiness of the weather didn't effect the spirits of these two lovebirds at all. I have never shot a couple more unaware of the camera, because of how in love they are! These are a few that caught my eye from today.


Julie said...

love them ....can't wait to see more :)

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Anonymous said...

great photos...

and no i just thought it would be super cool to make a blog and NEVER update...just to bug people..

actually school is trampling all ability to do anything other than occasionally look at other people's blogs..such as yours..

love yah girl

you coming down here soon?


Anonymous said...

Attention! See Please Here

Sandra said...

Chavia--these are so artistic--I have not seen them before--be encouraged--the Lord is using your obvious gift--keep pressing into HIm to define and sharpen it!!

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