Saturday, December 8, 2007

Marcus Taracena

This is Marcus Taracena, Marlon and Evy's newest addition! He is sooo cute!
Thanks to Israel for helping me edit some of these photos:)


liana said...

aw thats so cute!

Evy said...

what a handsome little fella! Even if i say so myself! :) These look great Chavia! Can't wait to see the rest! The red couch looks great by the way! Good eye!

kari said...

hey chav!

just wanted you to know that you have such a gift! I look at your pics all the time when I need a break from studying :)

hope you come down to charlotte again soon!

|| davidjay || said...

Love the pics! ....and the Colbie song! :)

Abe said...

great pics, as always, Chavs!

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