Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I wrote this a while back...but I thought I would post it on here, because I have been so aware lately of the brevity of life, and how fragile we all are. At any moment we could be standing face to face with our Savior...lets live every day as if its our last!


Time is fading ever fading, into the past,
things are moving, ever moving on and on,
till we can hardly catch our breath,
where did it go, we hardly know,
everything is changing, ever changing,
even now you are changing, how you feel,
how you think, how you react,
how can you trust yourself you are happy one day,
the next you are sad, oh how things change,

Oh how fast, how fast time flies
faster than a plane in the sky,
faster than a speeding bullet, before you know it,
you've outgrown this or that,
friendships come, friendships fade,
into the past, along with the rest of your life,
OH how fast you are moving, rapidly moving,

towards the ONE AND ONLY precious thing
in this world that is UNCHANGING!

Why, oh friend will you grasp,
why will you grasp onto the things
that are changing and deteriorating,
that will mean nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
that will bring you nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
the things which are unstable, ever unstable
oh brother, oh sister, will you ever turn
to the Lamb of God the UNCHANGING
Lamb of God, where fathomless love and faithfulness
were displayed on the cross for ME, and
for YOU my brother, for YOU my sister!


Chavia Groveman

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Liana said...

Time is fading... so true. But we have hope I really like what you said and love the photos. It really made me think and want to live every day as if its my last.

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